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Display images, videos and other media in a fancy overlay utilizing prettyPhoto.

Full Review of prettyPhoto Media

How pretty are you?

prettyPhoto Media Plugin is a plugin for the people who like visual media art and want to share their hobbies with the others through their sites, in a more stylish way.

Being a jQuery lightbox clone, this plugin is very versatile and supports a wide range of media. It adds lightboxes or modal overlays, making images, videos, flash and iframes to look “pretty”, as the name says it.


prettyPhoto can be installed like any other plugin, from Dashboard-> Add new plugin. After the plugin is installed, you can customize it by your own wishes.

In the Settings menu from the left sidebar, you will find a prettyPhoto Media sub-menu.

prettyPhoto Media Plugin allows you to make two types of settings:

  • Main Settings-like theme, social media buttons, image galleries, selector and hook.
  • Customization- like animation speed, opacity, size and resize, shortcuts and more.

Now let`s see how this settings work for us.

Main Settings

Here you can make general settings for your prettyPhoto. You can enable to show social media (Twitter and Facebook ) buttons (Share and Like) when a visitor access a video or an image.

As you can see in the above image, you also can choose the prettyPhoto theme, from a list of six pretty themes (also it has a Facebook inspired theme for the fans).

You can set the hook and the selector for prettyPhoto. They will be added to the link of the image, video or flash, and you will see the pretty result in your post or page.

prettyPhoto Customization

What can we set here:

  • Animation speed – the time interval between pictures in a gallery,
  • Opacity – here you must enter a number between 0 and 1, 1 being the most opaque.
  • Show title – or not.
  • Allow resize and expand – the plugin resize the bigger photos and allows them to be expanded to their normal size.
  • Default width and height for the pictures.
  • Flash vmode.
  • Overlay gallery and Overlay maximum number of pictures in the overlay gallery.

How it actually works?

Well, if you remember the hook and the selector that we have set in the Main Settings, now it`s the time to use them. How? Just by adding the hook rel with the selector prettyPhotos in the photo/gallery/video that we add to our site.

As I said, prettyPhoto Media can be used for photos, galleries, video, flash and more.

  • prettyPhotos

  • For adding a lightbox to a single image, just add rel=”prettyPhoto” in the image link. So be sure that you don`t disable the image link.

    Example :

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto"><img src="" alt="" title="kids" width="600" height="511" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-941" /></a>
  • prettyGallery

  • If you have a gallery of photos, you must add rel=”prettyPhoto[galleryid]” before closing the link tag.

    As you can see in the image above, if you have a gallery, you can navigate between the images, expand them, tweet them or like them and share with the friends if you enable the social media buttons from Settings.


    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[galleryid]"><img src="" alt="" title="pic4" width="600" height="552" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-942" /></a>
  • prettyYouTube, Vimeo, Flash and more!

  • You can add videos, flash, Ajax, Iframe and more to you post and make them look prettier with this plugin, by adding rel=”prettyPhoto” to the link.


  • prettyPhoto Media Plugin makes your site more visual attractive for the visitors, the gallery is very interactive and the new way that the images, videos and other media are presented can`t be nothing but a good thing for any site.
  • The plugin makes your site more “fashionable” and the visitors will be enchanted by the new media interface.
  • As a minus, I don`t like the manual adding of the hook for every single picture added. If we have,for example, a photo gallery with 100 pictures in it, well, it will take a lot of time to add the hooks. So for the future this will be nice to come as un update.