Wysija Newsletters

Wysija Newsletters is a nice plugin for sending newsletters to subscribers, with nice features and design.

The plugin comes in two versions:

  • Free version
  • Premium version – which offers extra features like unlimited number of subscribers, stats, priority support, access to premium themes and more. The price for the premium version is $99/year for one site.

Installation and Settings

After you install the plugin, you will see a Wysija Menu in the left side of the dashboard.

The menu contains three options:

  • Newsletters – where you can add a new one or manage the existent ones.
  • Subscribers – manage subscribers and lists.
  • Setting – here can be done all the necessary settings for the newsletter.

First we will have to make some changes in Settings. This menu is very well organized and here you can set about everything you can imagine.

Basic Settings

Here you must add your company`s address, set the email notifications and the name and email of the sender.

Activation Email

This allows you to choose if you want to send emails to subscribers for confirming their subscription – the subscribers won`t receive any emails until they don`t activate their subscription. Also here you can make other settings email related, like Email Subject, Email Content, Confirmation page title or Confirmation Page Content.

Sending Method

Here you must choose the method through the newsletters are sent.
You can choose from three methods:

  • Your own website – perfect for small lists of subscribers, the number of emails being limited by the host. You must choose the Delivery Method: either PHP Mail either Sendmail, and the number of emails to send and the time interval.
  • Gmail – where you can simple login into your account and set the number of emails.
  • SMTP Server – better for bigger lists, you must login with the login dates and you are done!

Advanced Settings

Here you can make a bunch of miscellaneous settings. Set who can create newsletters and manage subscribers, reply-to, bounce emails, debug mode and more.

Bounce Handling and Premium Upgrade

Those two options are kinda related…if you want to benefit of Bounce Handling, you first must upgrade! All the premium features are presented on Premium Upgrade together with a big button which invites you to become a premium pigeon!


In the Subscribers option you can manage your subscribers and list of subscribers.
You can:

  • Add Subscriber – by adding it`s name, email, status and assign it to a list.
  • Add List – you must enter the list`s name and description.
  • Edit Lists – each list of subscribers can be edited, duplicated or deleted.
  • Import Subscribers – a nice feature is that you can import subscribers for your newsletter. You can either copy-paste their emails and names in a text box or upload a CVS file.
  • Export Subscribers – you can export lists of subscribers with the desired info – email, first and last name, IP address, subscribed/unconfirmed, subscription date.

Create our first Newsletter

For creating a newsletter you must go to Wysija -> Newsletters. Here you will find an example, which you can use and modify, or you can Create a new newsletter.
You will now have to follow three steps for creating the newsletter:

First step

Set up the Newsletter type – which can be regular or automatically (this one allows you to choose when to send the newsletter and also has some extra features for the Subject line) and also the lists of subscribers where the newsletter to be sent to.

Second step

This is the most beautiful and interesting part of the Wysija Newsletters. Here`s where we create our newsletter, by our own tastes.
With a HTML free interface, the newsletter`s elements can simply be dragged-and-dropped in the right place.

In the right side you will see a widget, that contains 4 customization options:


This is the content of the newsletter and it has the basic elements for a newsletter:

  • Plain Text – for adding text to your newsletter, that can be easy formatted.
  • WordPress post – this allows you to populate your newsletter with posts! No copy-paste! Just insert the post in your newsletter and then customize it as you want.
  • Divider – add dividers from a list of 16 and you will have the newsletter`s content separated in a nice way.
  • Social Bookmarks – it seems that everything is tought in details! Set up your addresses and choose the desired design for the social icons!


You can upload images from your computer, from another newsletter or from your posts. The images can be added to your newsletter same as the content. Simply drag and drop the image in the desired place, then resize it and play with the formatting options `till you are fully satisfied!


Here you can give a final touch to the visual effect of your newsletter. A nice color-picker will help you to change the colors for:

  • Text and Headings – also you can change the fonts and dimensions,
  • Header background color,
  • Newsletter color,
  • Footer background,
  • Background color,
  • and Unsubscribe color.


If you are not happy with your own results (we`re not all artists, we must admit it!), you can choose from 17 free themes and if you decide to go premium, you will enjoy of 12 more. The themes come with the Photoshop file and they can be easily changed for your newsletter. After that, all you have to do is to upload the theme (in .zip) and you are done. Also in the Support page, you can find some tutorials for creating your own theme.

The Result

After you play a bit with these features, be sure a nice and stylish newsletter will come out of your hands and will delight the subscribers!

An example:


Wysija Newsletter also has a support page. You can access the Knowledgebase section where you will find the most common problems and their solutions – organized in categories – or you can just ask for a solution to your problem.
Also in the Support page you can Be a Beta Tester and test the upcoming versions of the plugin, you can read the Top 10 Articles, see the Top 5 Feature Requests – or submit one of your own.


  • Wysija Newsletter is a great plugin! The visual editor makes it special and easy to use.
  • It has well structured settings, like email notification or subscribers. And the fact that they can be imported is a very well-welcoming feature.
  • As an observation, the theme upload process should be more specific in the plugin interface, because it can cause confusion.

5 thoughts on “Wysija Newsletters

  1. J. Weaver

    Thank you for the detailed review. In your evaluation of this plugin, were there any unique features that differentiate it from other newsletter plugins? Would you also know if the subscription feature uses native WP registration services or is it a custom implementation.

  2. Kim

    Wysija’s registration is a custom configuration. Subscribers are kept apart from WP users altogether.

    Out of the box, there’s a list of your WP users that synchs into Wysija.

    How do I know all that? I’m one of the partners of Wysija. :-)

  3. James

    Thanks for the tutorial, is great.

    Please, after the confirmation by the clients,
    how do I redirect then to the page that I want then to go to.


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